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Here's just a few sample scenarios we can run on your portfolio...

What will happen to your money if...

  • the 2008 Financial Crisis happens again?
  • the US Credit gets Downgraded?
  • there's a Terror Attack in the US?
  • the US Dollar declines steadily?
  • Europe's bailout and QE schemes fail?
  • the Interest Rate Rises?
  • the recent crash in gold prices is actually a warning sign of deflation to come?


Q: What does the software do exactly?

A: It tells you beforehand the dollar AMOUNT you could possibly lose (or gain) in your portfolio should a possible recession, crisis or other significant economic event happens.

It tests your portfolio against possible catastrophes and opportunities BEFORE they actually occur.

Q: How much is this going to cost me? What’s the catch?

A: No catch at all! There’s absolutely no obligation, no cost, and no strings attached.

I know, hard to believe, right? Well we believe as women we have an obligation to look after you and help you protect your hard-earned life savings.

This is our gift for helping us spread the word on empowering women to make well-informed financial decisions.

Q: So what if I know the results? What can I do? It is what it is. There’s nothing I can do.

A: I wholeheartedly DISAGREE!

There is absolutely something you can do to protect yourself (or at least lessen the blow) from these market crashes! Just ask our clients.

By knowing NOW, it gives you time to prepare for the next big catastrophe. You and I know the market is volatile… it’s not if the market crashes, it’s an issue of when the market crashes!

If you want our help to solve this problem, simply let us know by clicking here. It’s as easy as that.

We will deploy the most current and latest strategies that will help safeguard and secure your retirement nest egg.

Q: Sounds like a lot of work… I have a life! I have a family that always needs me, grandchildren to attend to, friends to catch up with, career to develop…. I don’t have time for this.

A: From your end, you’ll hardly have to do a thing 🙂

My team and I will be doing the grunt work so that you can spend time with the people that matter most.

But you should spend some sort of quality time with the one who’s going to help you for as long as you live… YOUR MONEY – it deserves some attention too!

Q: So what’s the next step?

A: Easy, just let us know you’re interested. Click here to get started. We will then connect and go over the different scenarios you’d like to run.

From our end, we’ll use this software to gauge how your portfolio will hold up against different economic events.

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