Whether they’ve attend our private workshops or big seminars, our guests walk away with a wealth of beneficial information and valuable tools to help them take control of their investments and finances.

Dinner Presentation

Times Have Changed! It’s Time You Adapt to Today’s Volatile Economy, New Tax Laws and Evolving Investment World. Don’t Be Caught Uninformed!


  • Wednesday, December 4th at 6:15pm
  • Monday, December 9th at 6:15pm
  • Tuesday, December 10th at 6:15pm

Venue: Chart House Seafood and Steak restaurant, 231 Yacht Club Way, Redondo Beach, CA 90277

To request a seat, email events@confidencewealth.com

Are you prepared financially for your future? Many aren’t. Now is the time to reevaluate your retirement plans. Whether you are retired or nearing retirement, don’t you deserve peace of mind?

During this informative event, we will discuss:
∙ Are you (and your current advisor) planning for the future or are you simply reacting to events as they happen?
∙ What is your plan for creating predictable, sustainable, inflation adjusted income you can never outlive?
∙ Do you know why most Social Security maximization strategies are wrong?
∙ How to position your assets to help minimize taxes, fees and losses, and maximize income
∙ Why most people look at the stock market the wrong way
∙ Are there investment strategies that can reduce your future tax burden?
∙ Is your retirement plan headed in the right direction?


  • Step-by-Step Guide to Self-Publishing workshop
  • 17 Strategies/Tools That Could Save Your Business Over $100,000 in Spending
  • Facebook Advertising for Beginners
  • Video Marketing: How to Use Videos to Attract New Customers
  • How To Set Powerful Intentions To Make Way For Prosperity and Well-Being
  • Set Up Your eCommerce Store in a Weekend
  • How Public Relations Can Help Increase Your Revenue
  • Event Planning—Throw a Red Carpet Event in 10 Easy Steps
  • Trademarks & Copyrights for the Entrepreneur and Business Owner
  • How to Quickly and Easily Create Webpages (Landing Pages) to Help Increase Sales and/or Get Prospective Clients
  • How to Use LinkedIn for Business


  • “The Power of Choice” workshop
  • “Decluttering for a Stress-Free New Year and a New You!” workshop
  • “How to Reduce, Relieve and Manage Holiday Financial and Family Stress” workshop
  • “How to Live Like a Millionaire When You’re a Million Short” workshop
  • “Therapeutic Massage Techniques That Could Drastically Improve Your Health” workshop
  • Traveling Solo, Safe and Smart: Embrace the Journey
  • Holiday Style Guide
  • How To Use Social Media To Strengthen Friends and Family Connections


  • Social Security Strategies to Maximize Your Benefits!
  • The 2018 Tax Reform: Are You One of the Winners or Losers?
  • Annuity Basics 101 Workshop
  • Estate Planning Basics 101 Workshop
  • 5 Commonly Missed Tax Strategies That Can Potentially Save You Thousands
  • Retiring in Trump’s America: A Different Approach to Securing Your Financial Future
  • A Presentation on Tax, Estate and Retirement Income Planning
  • Annuities: Clarifying and Simplifying The Confusion Behind Them
  • Women-Only Event: How Can You Get Consistent Returns In Today’s New Economy?
  • The Stock Market: Are You Prepared For The Next Market Correction?
  • Long-Term Care: Planning To PROTECT Your Life Savings!
  • Annuities—What They Won’t Tell You!
  • Estate Planning Basics—Should You Have One?


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